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Property taxes remain the focus for School Funding Reform Commission

Property taxes were again the topic of discussion during the sixth Illinois School Funding Reform Commission meeting on October 19. Commission members continued their conversation from the October 5 meeting on how property taxes influence school funding.

Public encouraged to participate in ‘National Prescription Drug Take Back Day’

Prescription drug addiction is a serious problem—one that frequently leads to abuse of more dangerous drugs.The vast majority of prescription drug abusers say they frequently get their drugs from friends and family. That’s why YOU are encouraged to take part in the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day this Saturday, October 22.

Gov. Rauner announces Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force findings

On October 19, Governor Bruce Rauner announced the recommendations from the Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force. The task force, created in April, was tasked with looking strategically and comprehensively into fraud, waste and abuse in taxpayer-funded programs.

New state initiative aims to reduce Illinois’ red tape, help employers

A new statewide initiative aims to reduce Illinois’ “red tape” in order lessen the burden of over-regulation and onerous rules on employers as a way to promote economic growth and job creation in the state of Illinois.

Significant steps taken as part of efforts to reform Illinois’ criminal justice system

Significant steps were announced on October 14 as part of the state’s ongoing efforts to reform the criminal justice system and reduce the rate of recidivism.

Helpful information

As we approach the November election, it is important to understand some general information about participating in the process. It can sometimes be confusing, so hopefully this information clears up any questions.

Reforming Medicaid

The state is pushing ahead on government reform to improve state programs for behavioral healthcare. On Oct. 13, the Rauner Administration officially submitted a Medicaid waiver proposal to the federal government that will allow Illinois to use innovative health strategies for better coordination and integrated care, and will address behavior health and substance abuse treatment.

Poll: Voters Looking for Reform in Illinois

A new poll of registered Illinois voters by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute released Oct. 10 reflect the public’s view that good government reforms are needed in state government to take Illinois in a different direction from the failed policies of the previous two administrations.

Illinois Law Becomes Model Policy for States

Illinois’ recently enacted ban on synthetic drugs might be adopted by other states thanks in part to the endorsement of the policy by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an association of state lawmakers from across the nation. The Illinois law, which took effect this year, was introduced and passed with bipartisan support in 2015 by Republican State Sen. Kyle McCarter.

Courtroom Changes for Juvenile Suspects

The Illinois Supreme Court recently adopted new rules that ban the use of physical restraints on child suspects in juvenile court. New Supreme Court Rule 943 declares that restraints should not be used “unless the court finds, after a hearing, that such restraints are necessary to prevent physical harm to the minor or another, the minor has a history of disruptive behavior that presents a risk of harm, or there is a well-founded belief that the minor presents a substantial flight risk.”

Senator Nybo Advocates For Manufacturing, Tours Vanee Foods Company

Senator Chris Nybo toured the Vanee Foods Company’s Broadview plant Oct. 7 as part of Manufacturing Day events.

National Manufacturing Day Underscores Push To Make Illinois More Jobs Friendly

October 7 is National Manufacturing Day, but Illinois has little to celebrate. The Land of Lincoln is currently lagging behind its neighbors in the growth of manufacturing jobs, a fact that underscores the need for essential government and economic reforms that will bring new businesses and jobs into Illinois.

Survey finds Illinoisans support term limits, redistricting efforts by wide margins

A survey released Oct. 5 by the Paul Simon Institute found Illinoisans overwhelmingly support term limits and independent redistricting efforts.

Senate Committee explores removing statute of limitations for child sex abuse cases

The Senate Criminal Law Committee met Oct. 4 in Chicago to hear testimony and discuss legislative proposals on removing the statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes. Illinois’ current law says sexual abuse against a child must be reported and prosecuted within 20 years of the victim turning 18 years old.

Illinois’ credit rating takes a hit

Citing Illinois’ massively underfunded pension liability as a major financial pressure, S&P Global Ratings dropped the state’s credit rating one notch to BBB on Sept. 30. Illinois is facing an unfunded pension liability of more than $111 billion, the largest in the country.