Senator Bivins sponsoring ethics, Criminal Code reforms

As the Illinois legislative session gets under way in the Capitol, Senator Tim Bivins has introduced several bills that address ethics policy and Criminal Code issues.

“On Jan. 31, lawmakers were given an update about the State of the State. Next week, we will be reviewing a plan for next year’s budget,” Bivins said. “Illinois faces some challenges but working together, we can pass a budget and the fundamental government reforms that will boost jobs creation and economic prosperity.”

The 45th District Senator is sponsoring Senate Bill 2229 to change a 2017 law regulating the sale, manufacture, purchase, possession, or carrying of any spring-action knife.

“I sponsored a 2017 law that requires people owning or possessing a spring-action knife to have a valid FOID card,” Bivins said. “We have found, however, that the FOID card requirement could have the unintentional effect of subjecting spring-action knife owners to arrest if they have do not have a FOID card. So we need to delete that requirement,” Bivins said. “Senate Bill 2229 would instead limit the sale or possession of spring-action knives to people ages 18 and older.”

Senate Bill 2229 is currently awaiting action in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bivins has also introduced Senate Bill 2263 to prohibit lawmakers and registered lobbyists from being members of the Legislative Ethics Commission.

The bill states that Commission members could not serve if they have been convicted of a felony; have been a registered lobbyist in the last 10 years; are related to the person appointing them; have been a State officer, State employee, or General Assembly member or employee in the last 10 years; or hold a partisan elected or political party office, or are an officer or employee or a political committee or political campaign.

Senate Bill 2263 has been assigned to the Senate Executive Committee’s Subcommittee on Special Issues. 

Bivins’ Senate Bill 2272 addresses dangerous situations that Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) employees sometimes face, by creating an aggravated sentencing factor for persons convicted of knowingly causing DCFS employees great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement.

The bill is currently awaiting action in the Senate Criminal Law Committee.

The Senator is also sponsoring Senate Bill 2292 to require any member of the General Assembly after January 2019, who retires a participating member under the General Assembly Retirement System, to be responsible for 50 percent of the applicable premiums, charges, or other fees for the basic program of group health benefits.

The bill is currently awaiting action in the Senate Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee.

Sen. Bivins currently serves as a Spokesperson for the Senate Criminal Law Committee. He is also a member of the Senate’s Government Reform, Human Services, Insurance, Local Government, and Veterans Affairs committees.

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